From finding inexpensive equipment to booking great guests, Ralph Sutton, co-host of The SDR Show, breaks down everything you need to know about starting your own podcast.

Podcasting Insights estimates that there are currently 750,000 podcasts in existence, with a combined archive of over 30 million episodes. That begs the question: Does the world really need another podcast?

The answer: yes!

The audience for podcasts is insatiable, always hungry for new insights, new experiences and new voices. And for the people on the other end of the earbuds — the creators — podcasts offer a ton of rewards, including bolstering their credentials as an expert, creating new revenue streams, building brand awareness for their business and, honestly, podcasting is just really fun to do.

So how do you start a podcast? We asked Ralph Sutton, co-host of comedy podcast The SDR Show and founder of the million+ subscriber GaS Digital Network to give us an overview, starting with day one. Whether you want to create a podcast dedicated to business, books, raunchy comedy or mindfulness techniques, the steps are pretty much the same. Here is Sutton’s breakdown of everything you need to know to get started