Ralph Sutton, a music radio veteran who now runs GaS Digital, a podcast network, says Swift may one day own her music thanks to the federal Copyright Act of 1976, which allows artists to reclaim the rights to their post-1978 master recordings after some 35 years.

In the meantime, Lefsetz, who says Swift wrote a song (“Mean”) about him, advises her to stop bleating. He says she should have thought better about going public to begin with, and now that she’s taken a “negative hit” from this latest of her feuds, she should go quiet.

“She can recover, the damage is not terminal,” he says. “But it’s another demonstration of her being out of touch with her identity and with the public. She’s a geeky, nerdy girl who built her career on that and now she’s being attacked. The cool people are ganging up on her.

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